Endowed With Beautiful Step Wells

Bundi Rajasthan

Bundi is a small town which abounds in beautiful palaces, baolis (step wells) and huge water tanks. Once this town was under the rule of the Had Chauhans belonging to the known well known Chauhan Clan of Rajputs. Originally Bundi and Kota were a part of the kingdom Hadoti. The serene town is circled by the Aravali Hills on its three sides. Impressive monuments, massive forts, stunning palaces, graceful havelis, arresting Nawal Sagar Lake, beautiful temples with amazing architecture and several chattris (cenotaphs) dotted with carved pillars attract many travelers to Bundi.

Exquisite carvings and murals seem to be the trademark of Bundi. Painted in Hada style of the Kota-Bundi school of miniature painting, these are made in several colors and amazing designs. They touch the themes of court scenes and hunting scenes.

Taragarh Fort is a major attraction of Bundi. Built in 1354, it is perched on a steep hill and offers a picturesque view of the town. Bhim Burj, the largest battlement, Garbh Gunjam, the second largest cannon of India cannon, Rani Mahal and the Dargah of Miren Saheb (a loyal warrior) are the places of tourist interest in the fort.

The water work of Bundi deserves mention. You must visit the fabulous baolis or step wells in the town. Raniji ki baoli (Queen's step well) is the place worth a visit. It was built in 1699 by Queen Nathavatji. It is 46 m in depth and has breathtaking carvings.

Best Time To Visit:

From August to February

Climate: A little hot in summers. The temperature varies between 35.0ºC-43.0ºC. In the winters the temperature varies between 5.0°C - 30.7 °C.

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